Holtz Children’s Hospital

holtz-childrens-hospitalMiracles come in many different forms, and for parents that can mean every milestone a child manages to make. In the event of an injury or sickness, the miracle becomes receiving exceptional care with the peace of mind that the team of healthcare professionals taking care of your child have the expertise to take care of your child regardless of case complexity. It’s this reason why so many families choose Holtz Children’s Hospital at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center, and why it’s one of the foundations we support.

Holtz Children’s Hospital is among the largest children’s hospitals in the southeastern United States and has a globally recognized reputation for its team of pediatric specialists. The hospital is also known for training the largest amount of pediatric physicians in the southeast.

Although the team of pediatric physicians come with numerous years of professional experience, what sets them apart is their incredible compassion and human touch, taking the time to understand the unique ways a child thinks, feels, and communicates. Each team member is thoroughly trained in dealing with children and those that may have diminished psychological states.

Among its many accolades and awards, Holtz Children’s Hospital has been named among the top children’s hospitals, according to the U.S. News & World Report 2016-2017 Best Children’s Hospitals rankings. It is also an Accredited Pediatric Heart Failure Institute by The Healthcare Colloquium, the first in the state of Florida to earn the distinction.

To learn more about Holtz Children’s Hospital, visit http://www.jacksonhealth.org/forkids.asp.

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