The Greater Miami Jewish Federation

jewishfederationToday we’re taking a closer look at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, a non-profit which has been in operation for more than seven decades, functioning as a unifying force for building the city’s Jewish community and boosting philanthropic efforts. The Federation aims to enrich the quality of Jewish life in Miami-Dade County by instilling a sense of comfort and hope to the vulnerable and by spearheading programs that build Jewish knowledge, identity, and peoplehood.

Every year, tens of millions of dollars is raised to fund local agencies including but not limited to Jewish Community Centers, Jewish day schools, and countless social service programs aimed at providing care for those in need.

The Greater Miami Jewish Federation was founded back in 1938 as a response to Kristallnacht which is considered the start of the Holocaust. What was once a resort destination has since become a highly diverse community that has helped to plan schools, community centers, synagogues, and more, welcoming Jews from many different parts of the world.

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