The Wounded Warrior Project Focuses on Veterans

wwpSince 2003, the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) has provided complimentary services and programs to veterans dealing with injuries as well as the families of those affected. The foundation focuses heavily on ensuring a veteran’s financial, mental, and physical well-being and it also aims to raise awareness. The public is strongly encouraged to help with addressing the needs of injured service members.

WWP spearheads a number of services including outreach and engagement, mental health support, and wellness. It also assists with helping veterans find employment and work on their education. Recent statistics on the WWP website show a strong satisfaction rate thanks to the many programs and services offered by the WWP. These services are available to veterans and service members that have incurred physical or mental injury, a wound, or an illness during their military service on or after the events of 9/11.

With the ongoing support of the public and donations, the WWP has helped over 100,000 warriors and their families and it has also raised more than $160 million in benefits. Should you wish to contribute, you can learn additional information on ways to donate or how to launch a fundraiser by visiting the Wounded Warrior Project website at

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