Hetrick-Martin Institute Continues to Support LGBTQ Youth

hetrickMartinThe New York-based Hetrick-Martin Institute remains relentless in its mission to help today’s LGBTQ youth. Since it began, it has seen exponential growth, expanding from a handful of volunteers into a widely recognized provider of social support and programming for youths considered to be at risk. These individuals have richly distinct backgrounds and are generally between the ages of 13 to 24.

In 1979, doctors and life partners Emery Hetrick and Damien Martin joined forces to launch Hetrick-Martin Institute. After coming across the story of a homeless fifteen-year-old boy who was beaten and kicked out his home because of his sexual orientation, the two decided to do something about it. Together with volunteers, the two began the organization’s mission to help youth, originally going by the name of Institute for the Protection of Lesbian and Gay Youth before adopting its current name in the late 80s.

Today, the Hetrick-Martin Institute has managed to launch numerous successful programs, helping thousands of individuals. Its HIV prevention programs continue in full force, with tons of participants and it has trained thousands of individuals.

For additional information on the Hetrick-Martin Institute please visit http://www.hmi.org/.

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