4KIDS of South Florida

4KIDSlogoToday’s foundation is 4KIDS of South Florida, which has assisted over 19,000 children in finding a home since 1997 using a committed partnership of caring individuals, government agencies, corporations, and churches.

Despite being one of the top economies in the world, half a million children in America are currently orphans living in group homes, foster care, or on the streets. Right here in South Florida, about seven children are removed from their homes due to neglect or abuse.

The motto and vision of 4KIDS of South Florida is to provide “A Home for Every Child”. For more than eighteen years, this vision and the efforts of the committed partnership are collectively making a difference and fulfilling the ongoing mission of “Providing Hope for Kids in Crisis”.

The reputation of 4KDS has reached a local as well as national level and has become a model of how to best assist children that area in crisis. Thanks to ordinary people called Undercover Heroes, over 20,000 children have experienced hope through 4KIDS.

If you’d like to learn more about 4KIDS of South Florida, visit http://www.4kidsofsfl.org/.

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