Welcome to The Jills Giving Website

As we continue to build strong relationships with clients from all walks of life, we continue to pursue our philanthropic efforts with the community. As a core part of our business, we remain more dedicated than ever towards supporting the charitable organizations paramount in the progress of Miami and the rest of the world. in

Some of the foundations we support include the Susan G. Komen foundation, one of the largest global non-profits dedicated to funding ongoing breast cancer research and educating the public through support programs, the importance of early screening, and treatment options for the last 30 years.The Ronald McDonald House Charities have been enriching the lives of children since 1974, focusing on improving their health and wellbeing, and continue to support the needs of local communities. The charities have since expanded their presence to more than 60 countries around the world.

The Jills team is comprised of Jill Eber, Jill Hertzberg, Felise Eber, Danny Hertzberg, and Hillary Hertzberg. Collectively, we understand the importance of strong family values, supporting the less fortunate, and dedicating time to these foundations and many more. Our website showcases the many organizations we support and updates on the charitable work happening in Miami.

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