Oliver’s Hearing Aid Bank

oliverToday, the foundation spotlight is being placed on Oliver’s Hearing Aid Bank, a division of the University of Miami established by and named after twelve-year-old patient Oliver Stern. Oliver’s Hearing Bank aims to provide hearing aids to children dealing with hearing loss that qualify financially, it also recycles hearing aids that may be unwanted or are deemed surplus. These hearing aids are thoroughly inspected and then reprogrammed to be used by other patients.

Oliver Stern has been a patient at the UHealth Ear Institute’s Department of Otolaryngology since he was just two years old. Born deaf, he continued to wear hearing aids until the age of four when he received cochlear implants by the Otolaryngology Department’s Chair, Dr. Fred Telischi. Since receiving his implants, Oliver has received audiology and therapy services and he retains his status as an Ear Institute ambassador.

Should you wish to donate to Oliver’s Hearing Aid Bank, you can send in your old hearing bank regardless of its age, make and model so that it can be given to someone dealing with hearing loss. For more information on how to donate or to learn a little more about Oliver’s Hearing Aid Bank, click here.

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