Legal Services of Greater Miami

LegalServicesMiamiToday’s foundation focus is on Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. As Miami-Dade and Monroe County’s largest provider of civil legal services for the poor, its efforts have been consistently recognized on a statewide and nationwide level as a model legal services program which offers innovative services in three different languages across multiple offices in Miami and the southern Dade area. The staff provides representation and advice in individual cases and also focuses on systemic issues, self-help clinics, and client empowerment.

Legal Services of Greater Miami remains steadfastly committed to providing equal justice via innovative collaboration and strong advocacy with partners across the community, focusing on alleviating the hardships associated with poverty. This advocacy is driven by an excellence and integrity commitment, one of a kind diversity, community and client compassion, consistent outreach, and collaborative solutions intended to meet client needs.

Each year, Legal Services of Greater Miami assists over 20,000 individuals and families. It has also recovered more than $3 million in disability, unemployment and other benefits.

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