Learn More About the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center


Since the 1980s, the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center (HDEC) has operated as a non-profit organization aiming to present and preserve a historically accurate record of the Holocaust. The organization has achieved this goal for over a decade thanks to eyewitness accounts from individuals who lived through the Holocaust, survived it , as well as those that took on roles of rescuers and liberators. The HDEC also focuses its efforts on teaching people from all walks of life the Holocaust’s universal lessons via programming and exhibitions, concentrating on the always important issues of prejudice, racism, stereotyping, and bullying.

One of the HDEC’s major achievements is its role in mandating that all public schools in the state of Florida implement Holocaust education after former Governor Lawton Chiles signed the Florida Statute 1003.42.

The HDEC is in the middle of opening the South Florida Holocaust Museum with plans of including the names and faces of victims in addition to a fully restored rail car and a US Army M3A4 Sherman tank. Future visitors will be able to browse photographs, documents, and other items that are Holocaust related. The HDEC’s research and reference library has more than 5,000 books, DVDs, journals, and videos dealing with the Holocaust.

For more information about The Holocaust Documentation and Education Center, visit http://hdec.org or call 954-929-5690.

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