Get to Know Ronald McDonald House Charities

rmhc-logoIf you’ve ever eaten at McDonald’s, you probably have some degree of familiarity with Ronald McDonald House Charities. This nonprofit organization began in the 1970s with a mission to create, find, and support programs aimed at children’s health and well-being.  The organization has a global network of Chapters in over 45 countries under three core programs called Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, Ronald McDonald House, and Ronald McDonald Family Room.

As of this writing, there are more than 300 Ronald McDonald Houses around the world.  Each of these houses is intended to be a safe place for families and their hospitalized children that may be undergoing treatment and they are accessible to families located a certain distance away from the hospital where a child is being treated.  Ronald McDonald’s Houses supply over 7,000 bedrooms to families around the world each night.

Ronald McDonald House Charities continues to receive heaps of acclaim and it was even named one of “America’s 100 Best Charities” twice by Worth magazine.  A number of its houses have also achieved LEED Platinum certification, the apex of sustainable building in the United States which means the environment children are staying in with their families is healthier.

This foundation featured on The Jills Giving is one of the many unique foundations supported by The Jills team which includes Jill Eber, Jill Hertzberg, Hillary Hertzberg, Danny Hertzberg, and Felise Eber.  The Jills team strongly believes in giving back and we encourage you to visit The Jills Giving website to learn more about the various foundations we support as well as a little bit about the team.