ASPCA Makes a Difference for Thousands of Abused Animals

ASPCA logoThe American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is one of the biggest animal welfare organizations in the world. ASPCA believes that all animals deserve good treatment. They focus on rescuing abused animals, placing them in safe homes, and protecting them. The ASPCA has rescued over 47,000 animals.

The ASPCA focuses on issues like dogfighting, puppy mills, abuse of farm animals, and animal homelessness. They work to rehabilitate animals like dog fighters or puppies from puppy mills. The ASPCA often partners with shelters to help animals get adopted. Many rehabilitation centers exist across the US, where volunteers can work with animals to reduce the animals’ fear of humans.

Hands-on rehabilitation is not the only way that the ASPCA protects animals. The organization also dedicates themselves to changing the laws to protect animals. Their legal advocacy program provides prosecutors and officers with legal guidance on animal cruelty laws.

The ASPCA truly cares about their animals, and they strive to turn the lives of abused animals around.

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